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Owner, photographer, editor, set designer, wardrobe stylist & costume designer

At HARLOW, We love bringing out the absolute best in every woman we work with.

We strive to provide a fun, uplifting, and positive experience. We welcome  ALL women and want you to feel proud to share your images.

Lindsay will remind you of a calming yoga instructor as she guides you through your posing every step of the way.


Why choose HARLOW?

 Why is boudoir so popular now?

We need to be seen again by ourselves as the strong confident women we deserve to all be. It should be an empowering experience.

  A truly uplifting experience

I really get to know everyone I work with on a meaningful level. Many of them have been through tragedy, divorce, body changes, and even battles with cancer. Some may just need a day away to have fun and feel beautiful because they're a fulltime mom with a fulltime job not wearing make-up since 2014. I never knew what a life changing experience this could be until the letters started rolling in from very happy clients who tell me over and over that this was a rebuilding positive experience for them. Just knowing I made a difference in someone life and outlook is so meaningful and motivates me. 

 The value of the makeup chair

I feel like the makeup portion of the photoshoot is so crucial because it's like watching a woman come back to life. Now, I don't mean that in a way that she needs to put on a bunch of glam to look good. I mean she often needs to just sit in that chair and TALK herself through everything while we listen. When the makeup session is complete and she's sees herself, It's that moment of WOW!! and self realization that she is deserving of self love and self care. 

 What sets HARLOW apart from the competition?

We offer Unique Photographic Services for ALL women not just models.

We pride ourselves on using only real diverse clients for our campaigns and portfolio.

We like to create unique sets to meet clients fantasies.

We have such diverse clientelle as well as diverse sets.  

We offer unique elevated boudoir experiences including renaissance inspired fine art, fantasy portraits, and custom costume and set design.

The atmosphere here is body & age positive.  



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