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Rise from the pain-Voyager Chicago Interview

Today we’d like to introduce you to Lindsay (Harlow) Nicole.

Lindsay, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.

Small town big dreams

I have always been an offbeat artsy individual. I was quiet, shy, and had a number of health issues as a kid, so my focus was on creating my own world to escape to. I remember being roughly 7 years old when I developed a strong interest in fashion design. I didn’t just play with my Barbie, but sketched and hand sewed their clothing for elaborate fashion shows on my shoe boxes, (meanwhile Ken cleaned the Barbie Mansion.) I Carry that element of nostalgia with me as a Barbie Font Tattoo on my wrist that reads “HARLOW”.

I worked fulltime in retail as a visual merchandising manager through my 20’s designing department store windows, putting together outfits, and creating displays. I was always creative and deeply influenced by unique feminine colorful designers that walked the beat of their own drum. Vivienne Westwood, Betsey Johnson. I myself always wore black LOL.

Living in a small town, there wasn’t a whole lot to do on the weekends.

An unlikely model

I was awkward in my 20s and I didn't look like everyone else. I was pale, white blonde hair, just kinda not sure of myself. at all. I never really fit in anywhere and honestly wasn't sure I wanted to. I spent so much time trying to find myself and my image and started to gravitate toward modeling like my sister. At 24 I was working as a promotional model and doing some local ad campaigns and tradeshows. Some designers were just so cruel at 126lbs and 5 foot 8 i was always "too fat "and I ended up developing an eating disorder, This industry was killing me.

Saved by Red Lips and High Heels

The vintage pinup subculture was growing and creeping in around me with their curvy models, vintage fashion and classic cars.. I went to some local vintage car shows and started getting asked to randomly pose with cars . I started to feel like I fit in somewhere and I started to feel confident. It was around 2012 that I got my nickname HARLOW.

Learning both sides of the industry

Soon enough,  I was way more interested in how photographers caught a certain angle, what lighting they were using, and how to build sets for photoshoots.

I started working side by side with the photographers renting studio space, building a portfolio. I admired learning their techniques and ultimately becoming HARLOW Behind the lens

A whirlwind adventure

As it turned out I always a a knack for capturing the best in everyone and quickly gained a cult following in the growing pinup scene. It helped that I was one of only a few women doing it at the time. .

I have completed 2 cross country tours within 2 years of branding my business, I was internationally published in a number of magazines, and offered personal biography in print.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?

Amidst all of this sudden recognition I was going through something traumatic emotionally and physically. I wasn't able to stay awake, i started having widespread chronic pain, fainting spells, dizziness, and balance issues.

It took years but I was diagnosed with a neurological issue that causes chronic pain,

which is condition known as Fibromyalgia and POTS which can make recovery from simply activity longer than most. . It limits me from working as many hours as I would like to.

I am prone to accidents and injuries and must be careful. Today much of my income goes to pain management and physical therapy.

Being an advocate for yourself and others.

I let HARLOW take a back seat for a few years and deciding to educate myself on my disability and studied holistic health, herbal remedies, & functional medicinal.

I worked in the industry as heath coach and wellness advocate hosting lectures and working for a mega vitamin company. While I enjoyed this chapter of my life, the artist in me was starving for more.

Why Boudoir?

I became very empathetic tot the needs of others.

Boudoir photography requires such a level of trust and a certain level of compassion and empathy every photographer must have.

I am dedicated and passionate about helping women feel better emotionally and physically. When I get to work with them one on one, I get to hear their stories and I want to make them build them up.

I really get to know everyone I work with on a meaningful level. Many of them have been through tragedy, divorce, battles with cancer. You get some some just need a day away to have fun and feel beautiful bc they're a fulltime mom with a fulltime job and have not worn make-up since 2014.

I feel like the makeup portion of the photoshoot is so crucial because its like watching a woman come back to life. Now, I don't mean that in a way that she needs to put on a bunch of glam to look good. I mean she often needs to just sit in that chair and TALK herself through everything while we listen. It's that moment of self realization that she deserves what she is doing in that moment she looks in the mirror.

Why is boudoir so popular now?

We need to be seen again by ourselves as the strong confident women we deserve to all be. It should be an empowering experience.

A truly uplifting Experience.

I never knew what a life changing experience this could be until the letters started rolling in from very happy clients who tell me over and over that this was a rebuilding positive experience for them. They don't always write reviews and that's ok, but i know in my heart I made a difference. They make me smile from ear to ear and sometimes cry tears of joy. Just knowing I made a difference in someone life and outlook is so meaningful and motivates me on the days I struggle.

HARLOW HOUSE PHOTO – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?

We offer Unique Photographic Services for ALL women not just models.

We pride ourselves on using only real diverse clients for our campaigns and portfolio. I offer many services that others studios offer like wardrobe, professional makeup. but where we differ is the variety and conceptual fine art sessions. We offer unique elevated boudoir experiences including renaissance inspired fine art, fantasy portraits, and custom costume and set design.

The atmosphere here is Body & Age Positive, fun, and friendly with a female photographer.

Our goal is building lasting relationships with our clients to work with them at all stages from boudoir sessions,, to weddings, and even maternity.

Contact Info:

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